Breitsamer Blossom Honey

Breitsamer Blossom Honey

Product code: BR502
EAN: 40287201
Price: 170,- Kč

Contents - net weight: 500 g
In carton: 6 unit
Carton information (outer): glass
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Blossom Honey – Spring’s sweet fragrance
The first heralds of the renaissance of nature bring a bright, intensively scenting sea of blossoms: wide fruit plantation in full blooming ornament the pastel-colored dress of spring as far as the eye can reach. The buzzing of the bees gives the promise of a mellow, smooth and fruity honey of very delicate consistency and bright, reddish colour.

Breitsamer it is a pure natural product of the highest quality, extremely soft and creamy honey with tradition since 1935.


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