Or Tea La Vie en Rose

Or Tea La Vie en Rose

Product code: OR366
EAN: 4897031513366
Price: 223,- Kč

Contents - net weight: 75 g
In carton: 24 unit
Carton information (outer): tin

Premium Rose Tea | La Vie en Rose

French for "seeing life in rosy colour", La Vie en Rose is overflowing with extraordinary efficacy. Each refreshing, reviving cup will open your eyes and enable you to appreciate that love – and life – truly are many splendoured things.

Ingredients: Rosehip shells, Rose buds, Black Tea

Aroma: The intoxicating scent of roses.
Flavour: The choicest Black tea is the magic that brings out the best in rose.

Or Tea? these are chic and fashionable high quality tea from 100% premium whole leaf teas and all-natural ingredients. Teas are packed in beautifully designed jars, each featuring a unique piece of contemporary Chinese art and attracts a new generation of tea lovers to enrich their lives and enjoy this healthy drink every day.

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Or Tea La Vie en Rose

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